Two women with backsides at their disposition.


In the living room of Kendra’s house, both Kendra and her friend, Missy, are on their hands and knees, trying to reach the big sofa in order to get it to their mouths. Both of them are wearing their sexy lingerie and they’re both getting so wet from all the action. They’re both very dirty so they decide to swap places. Kendra gets on the sofa and Missy gets on Kendra’s knees. Kendra licks the back of her throat, then Missy gets on Kendra’s face, sucking and licking her tits. Missy’s tongue goes down Kendra’s throat and she continues with her amazing blow job. When Kendra’s wet pussy is ready to be stuffed, Missy gets on the sofa and starts to fuck her in different positions. Kendra moans when Missy finally comes inside her and Missy keeps fucking her until Kendra cums.

Date: July 2, 2023
Pornstars: Kendra Spade

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