Two beautiful nymphs fucked in the rump


Kristy Black has just moved to town. She is looking for a roommate, but no one wants to live with her. She is very pretty and nice, but no one can seem to overlook her looks. Her friend, Jasmine, comes to the rescue. Jasmine is also a pretty girl, and they end up sharing rent. Jasmine agrees to let Kristy use her as a substitute for a roommate. But she needs to make sure she gets something out of the deal, so she offers to let her fuck her every day to make up for the rent. They agree to a deal and soon Jasmine has her perfect body bent over, with Kristy getting a face full of creamy cum. She’s never had a guy in her ass before but she is sure glad Kristy is there to fill her up.

Date: May 3, 2023
Pornstars: Kristy Black

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