Stella Raee gets snatch and bootie fucked


Stella Raee is a girl who loves to have fun and fuck. She is a very friendly girl and she is always up for a good time. She is a little bit of a party girl and loves to dance a lot, especially around a pool. One night she got to her friends house and as it turns out she had not gotten invited. She decided to go ahead and take her chances and as she entered her friends house she was greeted with a very big surprise. Her boyfriend had decided to surprise her with a pool party! After a little bit of chit chat and some drinks, her boyfriend starts to strip her down and when she is naked he is so shocked to see her huge tits he cannot believe it and starts to lick them. He takes her to the pool and lays her out on the pool float and starts to finger fuck her pussy. She can hardly stand it and her friends have never seen a girl so hot so she cannot help but ask them to come in and watch. After some more playing she is ready to fuck and her boyfriend gives her a good hard fucking. They end up fucking until they are so hot and horny they cannot think about anything but a good sex session. This is a fun little story where you get to see a girl get fucked good!

Date: September 15, 2023
Pornstars: Stella Raee

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