Have you ever wondered what is softcore porn? If you have, you may be shocked to find out that the vast majority of softcore videos are actually hardcore porn. In fact, there are very few softcore porn videos out there that have hardcore sex in them.

Softcore porn is porn that has been edited with less graphic sex scenes, but it is still sexual, just not as hardcore as you would expect. Perhaps you have seen softcore porn as it has been labeled on tube sites, with titles like Lesbian, Couples, Softcore, and a few more. You may have even seen softcore porn titles where the word “Girly” is in the title, but they are clearly not girly porn, but rather softcore porn. All that said, softcore porn is still sex, so you can enjoy them all, even the ones where you do not expect to see the actual sex scenes.

Softcore porn is usually much more sexual than what you would see in a hardcore porn video. For example, the softcore title Lesbian is actually a hardcore porn title, but it is just not the type you are used to. Lesbian porn is mostly anal sex, and it is the same case with softcore porn. It may not have the same amount of sex as hardcore porn, but it is still the same type of sex with a different title.

Softcore porn is also often known as “girly” porn because of its lack of hard sex scenes. This means that even though you will not see actual sex scenes, you will still see women sucking and fucking each other. This is the type of porn that you can watch from the safety of your computer.

You may find that you are surprised when you learn that hardcore porn is actually softcore porn. The reason you may find this is because most hardcore porn titles have titles like Teen, Anal, Group Sex, and what not. Those are all hardcore porn titles. However, the videos may not have actual sex scenes in them like what you would have seen in hardcore porn.

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