Severe nun fucks student’s ass


Kendra is a very devout nun who prays every day and does nothing but eat pussy and fuck. Dana is her favorite student who always comes to visit during lunch. Kendra catches her in the library reading dirty books. When Dana asks what she’s reading, Kendra says that it’s about sex. Dana doesn’t believe her and asks Kendra to show her the book. Kendra leads Dana to the library and Dana starts reading. Kendra notices some of Dana’s dirty pictures and Kendra asks Dana to explain them. Dana tells Kendra that she likes to watch girls get fucked. Kendra tells Dana that she should read her dirty book instead. Dana is confused by this and Kendra explains that no one has ever told her that she is dirty. Kendra gets down on her knees to suck Dana’s fat pussy. Dana gets wet and Kendra is able to make her cum. Kendra then rides Dana’s fat pussy and Dana loves the feeling. Kendra continues to ride Dana until Kendra tells her she should fuck her ass. Kendra fucks Dana’s ass while she says her prayers. Kendra then cums all over Dana’s ass. Dana can’t believe she is still on her knees after cumsing in her ass.

Date: October 12, 2021
Pornstars: Dana Vespoli / Kendra Spade

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