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Samantha had a crush on her stepdad for years, but he didn’t notice her. One day, Samantha told her mom she would be spending the night at her boyfriend’s house. Her mom was more than happy to give her permission. As they were getting ready to go out, her mom realized she forgot her cell phone. She looked for it, and found it was in the pocket of her boyfriend’s pants. Her mom quickly pulled her into the kitchen and told her to get rid of the pants. Samantha was confused and nervous, but agreed. She looked around the kitchen until she found the pant legs that belonged to her stepdad. Samantha had been looking at his pantyhose and wondered if she could rip them off, so she started to do just that. Her mom was watching her from the doorway and was confused at what she was seeing. Samantha pulled the pantyhose off her stepdad’s pantyhose. He was shocked and immediately grabbed Samantha by the hair and threw her on the floor. He pushed down on her face, and she couldn’t breathe. Her mom called the cops and tried to pull him off her, but he was too strong. The cops arrived and were able to get him off of Samantha. She told the cops that her stepdad had kidnapped her and they took her to the police station. The cops brought her home and her mom told her to never do anything like that again. Samantha never told anyone what had happened.

Date: July 17, 2023

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