Jillian Janson fucked in the ass by the gynecologist


Jillian Janson is working at the doctor’s office where she is employed by the gynecologist and her boyfriend. She is in the examining room and he walks in to see her. She is nervous because he just told her that he has a sex addiction. She thinks he is trying to get her to sleep with him.She is nervous, so she is going to fake a pregnancy to make herself seem more innocent. He tells Jillian that he has a problem, but she doesn’t think he is being serious. He insists that he is, so she asks him if he would like her to be in the delivery room. It will make it seem like a real birth and she will be there to help. He says that sounds like a plan, but she has to make one thing clear. She says that she does not want to have sex with him.He says that is fine, he just wants her to help him out with something. She says she will help him. They go into the delivery room. She is wearing a nice tight dress and he has a huge cock. He tells her to sit down on the table and pulls down her dress. She sees the speculum and he is already on the table getting ready. He tells her to take off her panties and he wants to see her pussy. He grabs her hips to pull her down on the table. He spreads her ass apart and licks her asshole. She is a little nervous. He lays down on the table and she is on top of him. She sees the speculum and he is ready to go. He inserts the head in her asshole and it hurts at first, but then it all goes better. The doctor starts to work on Jillian’s pussy. Jillian is nervous, but she can’t help it. He is telling her how good she looks and how much he likes anal. She is getting close to orgasm and he pulls her hips back. She starts to cum and he can’t help but join her. They both cum together. After he is done, he leaves and she is fine. She doesn’t want to see him again after this.

Date: January 9, 2023
Pornstars: Jillian Janson

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