Friend fucks his wife’s ass and he’s proud.


She’s got a secret. One that gets her out of trouble many times. She tells him all about it. She’s been sucking and fucking her hubby’s friends to pay their rent. She’s even been bringing her friends home to fuck her. She’s just turned 18, but she’s got a lot of experience behind her. She’s a pro. He’s a horny guy. She gets in his car and tells him she’s got a new secret. She’s gonna fuck him too. She’s got a friend who’s ready to fuck. She gets on her knees and starts eating his dick. Then she lays back and takes his hard dick. She’s so cute. She’s ready for a hard fucking. Her friend comes over and they all start to bang. She gets her first facial and a creampie. She’s proud.

Date: October 15, 2022

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