Forced the wife to undress on the street and fucked her


She was supposed to visit her husband’s work today but she got a flat tire on the way. Her husband was already at work and the tires were checked, so she parked her car and waited for help to replace the tire. He was supposed to be home to dinner at 6:30, but he never came home after 5:30. He didn’t call to say he was stuck somewhere so she was left waiting on the street. A nice looking guy with a big cock offered to help. He told her he was a mechanic who helped people on the streets. He took her home and let her into the house before he knocked on her husband’s door. When her husband still didn’t show up, she started to get concerned. She asked the mechanic if there was anything he wanted her to do while she waited for her husband but the mechanic told her to go in the bedroom and undress. He told her that it was only fair since she was going to be working for him. He told her to take off everything and then he would decide what to do with her. She was hesitant but he told her that he wouldn’t hurt her and that she would be his whore when her husband came home. This is one of the best forced porn videos ever made as she undressed in front of this guy’s eyes and had him fuck her. She took it every way he wanted from doggy to cowgirl and then she got a facial cumshot all over her face. She left the house with her husband’s wallet and car keys to drive herself home.

Date: October 29, 2022

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