Fickschnitte-18 fucked on a boat


This is the story of how this guy got into the business and the story that all us girls will be telling for years to come.
He started his career at 18, working as a bouncer. He met this girl, she was his first fuck, he got his first cumshot in the toilet. He was hooked. He started working in the clubs, going to parties, drinking and partying with the girls.
Then he met a girl, she was a dancer and she did some modeling for her, he had a hard time getting her to do a shoot for him. She finally agreed to do it, he offered to pay her. They met in a hotel, she wanted to do some hardcore stuff as a start to their professional relationship, and he liked the idea, he said he would pay for a nice hotel and she could do the shoot, no bullshit and she could have a nice fuck for the both of them in the end.
Well it was a nice shoot, she was a good fuck, she had a nice body, he loved her tits, she liked his cock, he loved her ass and he loved her pussy. He took her to a hotel in the city, there were 3 bedrooms, he got one for the shoot, and 2 for the both of them.
She told him next time she was gonna take him on a sailing trip for a bit of an adventure. He got ready with her, she had a camera ready to shoot the whole thing, she would only have to take off her clothes and pose like this.
They had just finished posing and fucking in the third room, when she heard the door to the room she was in, slam shut. There was a guy dressed in a suit, they looked at each other, the guy was there for the shoot, and she was there to pose for the photos.
He told her to get dressed, she did, and they went back to the third room where they picked up where they left off. She started to cum, he took his cock out, he fucked her in missionary, doggie, cowgirl, he did everything she wanted. He came inside her, she didn’t want him to cum inside her, and he wanted to cum inside her too, he came inside her.
She told him to clean up, he cleaned up and they went back to the first room to check out the photos. They had one together, her tits, his cock, the room, the bed, the bedclothes, the bed frame,

Date: September 21, 2022

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