Cutouts Pain, druxxxx, used


Druxxxx is a good girl but she doesn’t have much money. She needs to get a new pair of jeans. She visits a cutout shop but she needs to look good. She is told that even if her jeans are too short it won’t matter they will add it to her ass. After trying on her jeans, her ass is bigger than she thought. Her ass cheeks are even bigger then her jeans. She decides that she needs to buy a new pair of jeans and her ass will fit. Her new jeans fit perfectly, but the cut out is too big. The crotch area is now bigger than her pussy. Her new underwear are cut out too. Her nipples are showing through the cut out of her bra. She can’t wait to go home and take them off. There is even more cut out of her panties. At home she lays in bed and takes off her bra and panties. The cut out is so big that her pussy and ass cheeks are in view. Her cunt and ass are now even bigger than her new jeans. Her whole body is covered in holes. She takes her new jeans and puts them on. They look perfect, but her ass is so big that they are falling off. She can’t wait to feel the fabric on her ass cheeks. Her new jeans don’t go up her ass as well as she thought they would. Her ass cheeks are now even bigger then her jeans. She grabs her new jeans and pulls them up. They are so short that her ass hits the floor. Her ass is now even bigger then her new jeans. She feels like she will have to get a new pair of jeans.

Date: March 2, 2023

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