Cuckold masturbates his wife while another man fucks her ass


This is a true story. I had met this girl on tinder, we chatted for a little while and she was interested in hooking up for some fun. I asked her what she usually did and she said she was usually married and she would cheat on her husband at the weekend. I was like are you serious? She said she would meet me at her place when her husband was gone and we would have some fun.
I asked if she had a husband and she said yes and he was not around much. I asked how often he was around and she said he was mostly at work. She was single and she was horny and wanted to get fucked bad.
I made up some excuses and told her i would call her back and she was to text me when her husband was gone and I would pick her up. I called her back and she had agreed to meet and she was waiting for me when I got there.
I got into the car and we drove to her place and she had a very big house. She made me a drink and I sat down in the chair and she told me to relax and she would take care of me. I took out my phone and she was not there, so I put it down and she came to me and bent over and i took out my cock and she sucked me off.
She had a great blow job and I was getting close to cumming so I pulled her up and i fucked her from behind. I fucked her deep into the sofa and she was so fucking wet and horny, I pulled out and i fucked her again and again until i came all over her. She was soaked and there was cum all over her. I pulled out and i saw that her husband was standing at the door watching and she told him what we did.
He came closer and pulled out his cock and he started to jerk it and cum all over his wife. I fucked her again and again until she had a huge load of cum on her face and in her mouth. She told me to go and take a shower as her husband was still watching us and she knew he would tell him. I got my towel and I told her husband i loved her, she was the best wife ever and i would do anything for her.
I went to the shower and after i came out I dried off, she came back in her sexy white lingerie and she sucked my cock again until i came all over her face. She licked it all off and put my cum in her panties.

Date: May 27, 2021

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