Boyfriend fucks all three holes


Lola Lashes and her boyfriend are still on a break. She just wants to have some fun. The fun starts with him giving her a handjob. While he does that she is rubbing her pussy. She wants it to be wet from all the juices. Her boyfriend takes his cock in his hand and tells her to suck it. She takes off her clothes and takes his cock in her mouth. As her boyfriend is licking her pussy,she feels the urge to give him a handjob. She gets it out and starts stroking it. She rubs it up and down and it gets hard. Her boyfriend is moaning on the bed. She takes her mouth off his cock and starts sucking on it. She takes off his pants and underwear. She starts licking his big cock. She strokes it as she licks her saliva off of it. She takes off her top and bends over. She takes his cock in her pussy. Her boobs are bouncing up and down as she strokes him. Soon he is cumming and she gets it in her mouth.

Date: February 16, 2023

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